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RideOut No1 - Friday

Tynset-Alvdal &The Aukrust Center

Date: 2nd of August 2024
Time: 10:30-14:30 (4 hours)

Distanse: 70 km
Price: 420 NOK

"Flåklypa Grand Prix" (The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix)

Price Including:

  • Entrance ticket at The Aukrust Center
  • Guided tour at the Center
  • Light lunch
  • Solan (Sonny) and Ludvig (Lambert) patch
  • Surprices

Giant kicker in Tynset Square
Photo: H.O.G. Chapter 5 Trondheim

Join us on a great Rideout in the vicinity of Savalen. 

We first drive to Tynset. Known to be one of the coldest places in Norway in the winter.The coldest record for January at Tynset is minus 46.1 degrees (measured on 1 January 1979). Tynset produces the traditional Norwegian form of transportation, the "kicker". It is made in two versions: Rappen and Tarzan. The world's largest kicker is located in the Tynset Square in the village of Tynset. This sculpture is four times the size of a normal kicker.
We make a short stop/drive-by photoshoot

From Tynset, the trip continues on back roads to Alvdal, where we stop at today's main attraction The Aukrust Center.

The Aukrust Center lies in the little town of Alvdal in one of Norway's many beautiful valleys. Its a museum built to house the life work of multi- artist Kjell Aukrust. Visit this beautiful building and experience Aukrust's drawings, paintings, the figures and humoristic imaginative invention. Try the chocolate machine, meet Ludvig and Solan, visit the cinema-room and experience "Flåklypa Grand Prix" (The Pinchcliffe Grand Prix) and eat at Solan's cafe. Welcome to The Aukrust Center!

For those who need it, it will be possible to refill petrol near the Aukrust centre

The RideOut then returns to Savalen 

All photos: Huset Aukrust

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